Opening the gates of Sadism.

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The Marquis De Sade is possibly my favorite author, I’d definitely say he’s the philosopher I enjoy reading the most. Even though I only discovered him in 2020 I’ve read multiple of his books, including the infamous and lengthy “Juliette”.

Interestingly enough, despite his reputation as a philosopher, this wasn’t how I became aware of him. I first heard of him when learning about the Moors Murders case. Ian Brady, who carried out the murders alongside his accomplice Myra Hindley had an obsession with the writings of De Sade from a young age and even referenced him in his 2001…

Unraveling Capitalisms permeating dominance.

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Louis Althusser was a Marxist philosopher best known for his writings on Marx, capital, and ideology. He was perhaps inarguably, one of the most influential Marxist philosophers of the 20th century. He studied at and eventually became the professor of philosophy at the École normale supérieure in Paris.

He was influential in Marxist and french Philosophy in general, teaching influential thinkers like Michel Foucault, Jaques Derrida, and Pierre Bourdieu.

One of his most important contributions to Marxist philosophy was his concept of the ideological state apparatus. …

One of the best true crime books I’ve ever read

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Setting the Scene

I thought I’d do something different this time and do a book review. So what better place to start than one of the best books I’ve ever read. “Love as Always, Mum” is a book by Mae West, one of the daughters of Fred and Rose West, about her experiences growing up under them and her life after their crimes came to light.

As someone who has read a lot about the case and watched many documentaries, and listened to many podcasts about it, I thought reading a book from their perspective would be rather interesting. …

One of the most heartbreaking cases in true crime

The Moor Murderers | Public Domain

I’ve had another piece posted here previously on the Moors Murders. In that piece, I explained that while the case may *technically* be solved, the body of Keith Bennett has never been found. There are several reasons why this is the case. One of the main ones is that Saddleworth moor is an area that covers more than 400 square miles.

There have been multiple ways however in which the police bungled the search and the initial investigation into Keith's murder back in the 60s. …

What one fan hopes to see in the next game iteration of the venerable franchise

Given that in the last couple of years we’ve seen the release of Jedi Fallen Order, a lot of people have been excited for the future of Star Wars in gaming. Prior to this, when EA had taken over people were skeptical. Naturally given EA’s history people were worried that they’d ruin Star Wars gaming by turning it into a big cash cow, however with the release of Fallen Order they’ve proven they are capable of making something really good.

Switching on the dark.

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Machiavelli, The Prince, and The Dark Triad. Most people will be familiar with Machiavelli and his infamous work. They may be familiar with it out of interest in philosophy, history, psychology, or a combination of the three.

His seminal work The Prince has acquired considerable notoriety since its initial release. It’s not like it’s in any way underground either, it’s one of the most read books written, with thousands of reviews.

I’d heard of Machiavelli as a famous historical figure, but it wasn’t until I learned about Machiavellianism and the dark triad that I thought about reading him.

I have…

Two experiences that prove less can be more

Up until last year, pretty much all the games I played were rather long RPGs. To a certain extent, this is still true. I still enjoy games like Dragon Age and The Witcher and consider them to be some of the best games I’ve ever played. However, I now find myself often playing games that are shorter, games that don’t take 40+ hours to complete.

The main reason for this change in attitude is the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and The Outer Worlds in 2019. Both games were released towards the end of the year and both…

In spite of all, we had a lot of time to learn.

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Regardless of where we stand on pretty much every other issue, I think we can all agree that 2020 was a rather tumultuous year. It was a year of constant setbacks and hardships, the worst of which being the postponing of the release of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

There was one negative aspect of the year that I and many others, managed to turn into a positive. The amount of time we were in lockdown and isolated from everything else gave us a lot of time to catch up on reading. For me at least, the first lockdown…

A classic piece of De Sade’s philosophy


This is a pamphlet taken from The Marquis De Sade’s novel “Philosophy in the Bedroom”. I thought it would be worthwhile to post it as it provides a really good insight into his philosophy, enjoy!


I am about to put forward some major ideas; they will be heard and pondered. If not all of them please, surely a few will; in some sort, then, I shall have contributed to the progress of our age, and shall be content. We near our goal, but haltingly: I confess that I am disturbed by the presentiment…

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